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Are you aware Ovation médias produces two shows broadcast on the Réseau des Sports (RDS) network, in both summer and winter ? Along with its own shows, our company also provides services for the designing and producing of website video clips and corporate videos.


Au 19e

In 2023, Au 19e is starting its 12th season of broadcasting on the Réseau des Sports (RDS). Announcers who participate in the show have a unique opportunity to gain greater notoriety with golf enthusiasts that are important golf consumers. When they see it, they want to buy it ! The content of this television magazine distinguishes itself from the competition with its authenticity and exclusivity. The 30-minute long show in a tele-magazine format, is shown in a setting of major golf tournament broadcasts. Au 19e is also rebroadcast many times during the week that follows and viewers can watch repeats of the program on the website. In its 12th season on TV, Au 19e brings exposure to the golf industry and its stakeholders in a serious and entertaining manner, with collaborators who are enthusiastic and mindful of the needs and interests of Quebec golf fans.

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Hockey Le Magazine on TV

The interaction between the different platforms of Hockey Le Magazine wouldn’t be complete without its television version. Broadcasted for the first time in 2015, this show hasn’t stopped gaining in popularity with the viewer’s due to its intelligent content. Apart for the reporting on professional and minor hockey, there are also segments on different key players’ in the field of hockey. We can also discover the career paths of players or professional trainers. All this goes without forgetting to mention tips on equipment, which has changed drastically due to technology, over the past few years. In addition, there are exercises on and off the ice for the younger players. The show's host, Jasmin Leroux, is surrounded by his collaborators Pierre Gervais, Sylvain Guimond, Éric Dupont, Patrick Brisson, Pierre Calvez, Stéphane Fournier et Philippe Roy.

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