Our services

At Ovation, we specialize in the field of communications. The members of our team are graduates in such disciplines as linguistics, journalism and graphic design. And they have a wealth of experience in the sales, advisory and event-management areas. Our diverse services offering extends to content production and visual layout, as well as to translations and orchestrating events.


Communication strategy

Need help with your internal communications, marketing strategy or advertising production? The Ovation médias team is at your service.

Translation and adaptation

Would you like to adapt your communications from English to French, or vice-versa? Ovation médias has a well-established expertise in the adapting and translating of all types of documents, mainly in the communications field. And, of course, the production of bilingual publications is also a big part of our services offering.

Customized content production

A video, a magazine, a website: whatever the platform, our team’s writers and concept designers will take charge of your project, with the aim of producing content which is totally created for your specific company or business.