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The magazines division is sort of the DNA of Ovation médias. The members of the team involved in the magazines edition boast more than 100 years of experience, combined. Whether it's a magazine tailored to a specific brand, an informational brochure for your company or a magazine sold on newsstands, our writers, designers and graphic designers are endowed with a sought-after creativeness and professionalism.


Revue Au 19e

Published four times per season (April, May, June and August), this magazine is the most important French golf publication in Canada. The Revue Golf International team of designers, golf profesionnals and collaborators is constantly progressing, always aware of what is happening in the world of golf at an international level, across the country or in the province. The magazine remains at the root of your business development in the industry. It’s a top-notch publication that has a sturdy German binding. It has a circulation of 30,000 copies which are distributed in a controlled manner in golf clubs and golf specialty shops, in order to reach a more targeted readership. The Revue Au 19e is obviously the favourite golf publication of local golf fans, and as a result it’s also the preferred publication of any company wanting to reach these readers and planning to raise its notoriety. The first number of the season is always highly anticipated for its special section on new equipment being offered by the big-name manufacturers. The second dedicates a complete section to fashion which occupies a growing place on the golf our courses. The third issue accompanies readers to better choose their summer golf vacation destinations or their little golf getaways that have become very trendy given the number of hotels that partner with local golf courses. As for the fourth, it leaves plenty of room for travel suggestions allowing golf enthusiasts to extend their winter golf season.

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Revue Au 19e Les Affaires

The worlds of golf and business have often been linked to one another. Be it to support various causes, to forge bonds or widen their business network, these people seek excellence and new ideas that will allow them to stand out from their competition, all the while leaving a lasting impression with their business partners and clients. For these reasons, the Revue Au 19e Les Affaires insert is included and distributed as part of the Journal Les Affaires. The publication targets this much sought-after golfing clientele which, for any serious advertiser, represents a different market, recognized for being fertile and dynamic. In addition to columns and tips from golf pros, the publication features reports and articles with more of an economic angle, linked to the golf industry.

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Guide Québec Golf

This is Québec’s golf course owners and operators best of friends. With a press run of 40,000 copies, it enables thousands of golf enthusiasts to widen their golfing circuit by finding and easily choosing their golfing destinations. The Guide Québec Golf continues to be an indispensable and essential tool. Since they have been designed by local architects and artisans, many of the golf courses listed in this guide are unique and are worth getting to know more about. These courses offer different types of challenges because of their geographic setting and their elevation which conveys their authenticity. Guide Québec Golf contains the contact information and the features of the various golf courses in the province. It also offers rebate coupons that can be redeemed at participating locations. Golfers hold on to this guide all season long, which enables advertisers to target results in the longer term.

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Hockey Le Magazine

The first issues of Hockey le Magazine came off the presses in 2006. For its 15th season, 5 issues will be released between October and June. Once again, coordinated by Simon Bédard, we will be able to read commentaries by passionate and well informed experts such as : Marc Denis, Dany Dubé, Denis Gauthier, Pierre Houde, Pierre Ladouceur, Jasmin Leroux, Martin McGuire and Steve Turcotte. Insight of the stars of today and tomorrow, pertinent articles, knowledgeable analysis, incredible photos, etc... Hockey Le Magazine offers all this, without forgetting the minor, junior and other leagues of importance.

Hockey The Magazine Poolers' Guide

In 2006, the Hockey Le Magazine Poolers’ Guide paved the way for other Ovation médias’ products in the field of hockey. Since then, with its 164 pages filled with statistics and projected performances of the top 400 players of the NHL, it constitutes the reference of choice as much for pool fanatics as for simple amateurs.

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Hockey The Magazine pocket-sized Poolers’ Guide

Following the success of the very first Poolers’ Guide and the first six issues of Hockey Le Magazine, Ovation médias published, in 2007, its first pocket-sized Poolers’ Guide format. Smaller in size, yet very useful, this guide rapidly won enthusiasts over. It is targeted towards a clientele that is looking for a more practical and economical option, without the content being affected.

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In 1990, Marc Savoie, a former member of the Quebec ski team, decided to turn his passion for skiing into a career and a new life. The team at Sportvac Voyages has been sharing this passion with its clients for close to 30 years now. Since then, the agency’s offering has expanded to include golf and Formula 1 holidays. We at Sportvac Voyages continue to stoke our passion with regular travel so we can explore the destinations we sell, ensuring we’re in the best possible position when advising our clients. We’re always looking for new getaways, new hotels, and, of course, new tours. These trips have taken us to many regions and, after visiting a number of wine regions, it occurred to us that Sportvac Voyages should offer wine tours. After careful planning and several successful visits and meetings, this year we are launching our new division—with even more enthusiasm than ever!

Customized magazines

We produce our own magazines, but we can do yours, too! Because of the experience, meticulousness, creativity and professionalism of our team, Ovation médias has been assigned many customized magazine production contracts; Here are just some of these magazines.